Why American Ayurveda?

Why choose American Ayurveda as a partner to guide you with your Health Issues?


While most practitioners focus on cosmetic solutions using Ayurveda, we offer help for serious health issues. With more than 20 years of Clinical Ayurveda experience helping people with acute and chronic health issues, we might just be the perfect ones for you.


We provide hand-made, high-integrity Ayurvedic Medicine so you don't have to worry about finding the right formulation. Our authentic Ayurvedic Medicine is made in New York City in small batches. We allow use of only top-quality ingredients, sourced locally to assure their high standard and contamination-free qualities.


Having been in the Ayurvedic field for over 20 years, we've been approached by many people, worked with them, and helped them. As taught in Ayurveda, everyone's body types are different, and different dosages of supplements work to help their body recover faster. We custom-make supplements to serve your needs and work side-by-side with your body.

Best Sellers

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Premium Native Pure Solid Copper Ball Approx 38mm 1.5 inch Diameter Healing Energy Orb Sphere Mineral, Mental Agility, Grounding, Eurythymy, Movement Therapy

  • COPPER CRYSTAL METAPHYSICAL ENERGY HEALING BALLS spheres orbs are handmade, approximately 38mm (1.5 Inch) / 50mm (2 Inch)in diameter. They show all the characteristics of a handmade item. No two copper spheres are identical. These copper orbs are great energy conductors. The sphere shape from ancient times is considered as the symbol of completeness, unity, …

Hammered Copper Water Pitcher Jug Tumbler for Copper Charged Water Energy by American Ayurveda

Hammered Copper Water Pitcher 2.2 Quart Capacity With Welded handle and Lid.

The Copper pitcher and Lid are made of solid Pure Copper with a capacity of holding approximately 2.25 Liters 76 Fl. Oz of liquid.

It weighs approximately 1 lb 10 Oz with the lid and has a sturdy Copper handle is WELDED to the body of the pitcher. It measures …

Copper Bracelet for Men Women Arthritis Joint Pain with 2 Powerful Magnets for Effective & Natural Relief RSI Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Adjustable by American Ayurveda

  • MADE FROM PURE COPPER These Copper bracelets for men women are fitted with two powerful magnets. Believed to give effective and powerful relief for arthritis, joint pain, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL 7.5 inch in length. Stylish and modern design suits both men and women Since they are made from …

Allergy Relief Herbal Tea – Natural Relief Cough Cold Flu Seasonal Allergies

Allergy Relief Herbal Tea


Holy Basil Leaves, Lemon Grass

Herbal Tea for natural relief from cough, cold, flu and seasonal allergies.

Boil ½ Teaspoon of allergy relief herbal tea to 1½ cup of water. Boil till the water reduces to 1 cup.
Sip this tea when lukewarm 2 – 3 times a day.

Herbi Plus Toothpaste

Herbi Plus Herbal Toothpaste

This toothpaste is made using herbs and herbal extracts that are beneficial to teeth and gums.
Its formula is free from Fluoride, Carigeenan, Saccharine, SLS and other chemicals generally found in other toothpastes.

It has very refreshing flavor of herbs and essential oils. Use once and you will be convinced of the quality


Ayurveda Holistic Health Coach Certificate Non Refundable Registration Fee

Register for the Ayurveda Holistic Health Coach Certification Course Starting in September 2019.

This registration fee is non refundable.

This fee will be adjusted towards the course fee once you join the course and pay the fees towards the AHHCC Course.

Viti-Go Oil – Herbal Oil for Vitiligo Leucoderma

Viti-Go Oil

Herbal Oil for Vitiligo – Leucoderma

This all natural herbal oil is formulated and prepared by qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner in USA for Vitiligo, leucoderma and skin discoloration using hand picked herbs and all natural ingredients.

• Vitiligo*
• Hypopigmented skin Patches*
• Scar Tissue*
• Keloids*
• Leucoderma*

Sesamum indicum linn oil, Psoralea corylifolia, Rubia cordifolia, Centella asiatica, Azadirachta india, Curcuma longa.

Nasya Oil by American Ayurveda

Nasya Oil

Sesame Oil, Centella asiatica, Tinospora cordifolia.

Recommended for*
Seasonal Allergies*
Allergic Rhinitis*
Sinus Headaches*
Nasal dryness*
Post Nasal drip*

Pour a small quantity of Nasya Oil in a stainless steel teaspoon and warm it over open flame till it is comfortably warm to touch. Massage with warm sesame oil on forehead, nose and sinuses. Lay on your back with head stretched backwards and nose pointing towards …

Karna Oil by American Ayurveda

Karna Oil

Sesamum indicum linn, Brassica juncea linn, Allium sativum

3 Oz. in a PET Bottle

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