Janu Vasti Therapy NYC is an Ayurvedic treatment that provides a simple, yet highly effective relief to knee pain. This treatment is especially helpfull to the knee pain caused by Osteo Arthritis. This therapy relieves stiffness and pain and help easing the movements at the knee joints. This also strengthens the muscles, joint, & surrounding soft tissues. Janu Vasti Therapy NYC provides improvement in the circulation and enabling the patient resuming back to their daily activities and work.

Janu Vasti Therapy New York

Janu Vasti NYC – The Process

      This procedure is a simple one, in which, a compartment of black gram powder or flour is constructed around the keen joint that is under pain, keep it in position and adhere with the same flour. As the prescribed by the doctor, the medicated oil made lukewarm to suit the condition and then poured into the compartment.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

      The procedure for American Ayurveda’s Janu Therapy NYC, takes between 30 and 40 minutes. After the duration time of the therapy is over, both flour and the oil is removed from the contact. The physician’s choice in relation to the procedure shall be followed by fomentation of hot water or at Patra Pinda Sweda (the medicinal plants’ leaves are tied in a cloth in the bolus form followed by heating of the leaves to tolerable heat on stove with the use of a pan applicable to the painful part) is given. This provides relief in astonishing proportion for those with Osteo Arthritis or suffering from Knee Pain Arthritis. This works miraculously with the two kinds of arthritis mentioned and the ones that have not been under control for days and months. The duration of this course is usually 5 to 7 days or as prescribed. They may be repeated with short intervals especially to the ones having repetitive pains in the joints so that there is sustained and constant effect.

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